urban live broadcast experiment by dirk holzberg and joerg peiffer

Audio by Mouse on Mars in cooperation with Viva2, Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Zomba, Cultural Council Cologne, KVB (Public Transport System, Cologne)
Event For the space of an hour a tram is transformed into an audio/visual laboratory by a group of artists accompanied by the electronic band "Mouse on Mars" who play live "on location" as it travels through the city centre of Cologne. Live cameras capture the inner and outer environment of the tram. The resulting video images are edited in real-time and then projected back onto the passing urban landscape.The resulting image stream is in turn filmed again, mixing the inner and outer space further.
The architecture of this Rhine-city becomes an integral part of both the construction and the projection of the acoustic and visual timeframe. Concept The tram becomes a mobile module which travels along a time axis. The buildings on the outskirts chart the scale of the time-line through which the audio/visual laboratory moves. A visual network forms between the point where the projected images meet the building facades, the originally filmed objects, and the surrounds of the tram. The combined installation of video cameras and projectors on the left and right sides of the tram, visually translate the experience of travelling forwards and backwards. The cameras, which are distributed over the whole length of the tram, allow for jumps along the time line, as the images converge to form a kind of temporal cluster: a process that visually results in the recombination of images from the past, present and the future. These time clusters are not dissimilar to the modes of operation of the human perception. Various activities taking place simultaneously on the inside and the outside of the tram, form part of this live broadcast: for instance, the silhouette of a dancer and an actor; snapshots of pedestrians passing by; the graphically annotated architecture; as well as, brain and sound triggered graphics and text.
Live This event takes place on 3 February 2001 and will be broadcast live for one hour from 23.00 to 24.00 hours (MEZ) on VIVA2's "2 Step" program and streamed via Internet. From February VIVA2 will be available by satellite in Europe on ASTRA.

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